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This pocket guide from the Bardic College of the North is designed to disseminate information that Ivory Towers academics from the schools of wizardry have known for centuries but have failed to effectively communicate to the public: There are spirits trapped within every portrait and statue that are created on this planet.

Within the pages of this guide, you will be gifted with a survey of theories surrounding this phenomenon and a four-step guide on how to perform a ritual that can grant these spirits freedom.


Ekphrasis is a solo poetry writing game.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Ekphrasis: A Practical Handbook for Practical Bards 699 kB

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Printed Zine + Digital Copy

For our distance learners, the Bardic College of the North is able to print and compile the handbook, and send it by post to anyone in the world. We will also provide the digital copy of the handbook and create three additional sponsored copies.

Sponsored Copies

The United Bardic Colleges Outreach Program recognises that not every practitioner is in a position to support our research into ritual magics. As such, we set aside five sponsored copies of our work at the beginning of each school year. The next batch of sponsored copies will be available in September of 2021, or if our distinguished alumni allow for the creation of additional sponsored copies.

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